Sustainable Financing


Sustainable Financing For SRH Commodities

Health financing is a key building block to strong health systems. In 2021 we took on board a new two-year project that seeks to advance sustainable financing for Sexual and Reproductive Health Commodities in Kisumu County.

Sustainable Financing for SRH commodities in Kisumu County

We are implementing this project in partnership with Health Action International and is supported by The Waterloo Foundation:

         1. We conduct research to inform decision making and develop knowledge products
  • In 2021 we did the amalgamation and comparison of the data from our three-year study on Availability, affordability and stock of SRH Commodities(2017-2019) to provide evidence to Kisumu County Health Department so as to support its prioritization and decision making to expand access to the full range of SRH Commodities in the county.
  • We conducted budget review of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Budgets and generated an analysis for the financial years 2016-2022 that was shared with the county health department and local CSO partners as part of our evidence based advocacy strategy
         2. We support functional, vibrant and legally constituted Technical Working Groups (TWGs) by:
  • Revamping of the Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) TWG meetings including formulation and signing of the Terms of References (ToRs).
  • Supported data cleaning that saw the discovery of FP Commodities that were thought to be stocked out.
  • Supporting the constitution and conduct of the Family Planning(FP) TWG meetings
  • Convening Multi-stakeholder forums for joint review and planning with reference to the County Annual Work Plan with focus on the RMNCAH program.
         3. We support development and implementation of key policies

In 2021, we supported the implementation of the Kisumu County Sexual and Reproductive Health Strategy (KCSRHS) 2019-2023 and the development of the Family Health Operational plan.

         4. Capacity Strengthening

We strengthen the capacity of Members of County Assembly, County Officials, Civil Society Organizations and community members as part of our strategy to increase budget allocations to RMNCAH and SRHC in particular.

For instance, in 2021 we sensitized Members of the Kisumu County Assembly (MCAs) from the Health, Budget, and Legal Committees on Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child & Adolescent Health(RMNCAH).

We also built the capacity of local Community Based Organizations(CBOs) to effectively participate, advocate for, demand for, monitor and track the allocation, disbursement and utilization of budgets for Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Reproductive Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) and Family Planning (FP).